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Based out of Austin, Texas Problem Child is a four-piece band playing hot original rock and classic covers

Here you will find background on each of the band members:

Shelli Miller - vocals, guitar, keyboardDaryl Chadick - fretless bass, vocalsSteve Perry - guitar, vocalsRock Daigle - drums, vocals
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Shelli Miller grew up in Houston Texas. She began playing guitar at age 8, joined her first band at age 14, and wrote her first song at age 15. Shelli has sung, played and recorded with many artists since moving to Austin in 1980 and was one of the first female electric guitar players in the area. She draws inspiration from many rock and blues artists including Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, ZZ Top, Heart, The Eagles, Janice Joplin, Pink Floyd, The Pretenders, and many others. In addition to guitar, Shelli plays bass, drums, and keyboards.

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Texas native Daryl Chadick has been playing bass most of his life. He first became involved in music playing a trombone in an East Texas Elementary school band. Daryl played trombone all the way through high school. Little did he know that all that ear training would come into play in another aspect of his musical journey. While in Jr High, a classmate asked Daryl if he could play bass in his band. Daryl had never played bass before, but naturally stepped right in. Shortly thereafter, he found his first fretless bass at a local music store. The bass translated almost directly to the trombone, and he was hooked. Daryl will play fretted bass when the music or situation warrants, but he is most comfortable on the fretless. Daryl plays 4, 5, and 7 string basses, and 8 and 10 string Chapman Stick. Daryl makes San Antonio his home. He lists Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, John Deacon, John Entwistle and John Paul Jones as his main influences

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Steve is from San Diego and started playing guitar at the age of 12. After being involved in the San Diego and LA punk scene, Steve moved to Dallas in 1983 and played with several bands in the Deep Ellum and Lower Greenville clubs. Steve has called Austin home since ’91, lured down by early SXSW festivals and the best musical vibe on earth! Band styles have included Rock, Blues, Jazz, Fusion and Country but in Austin the sky’s the limit. Steve is influenced by all sorts of music, always exploring a new sound or a great spin on an old one

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Rock Daigle was raised in Louisiana where he was introduced to the drums at age 8 and was hooked immediately. Rock started playing in the local music scene at parties and local bars. He took private lessons early in his career, and then self-taught himself following the stylings of John Bonham, Chad Smith, Gavin Harrison, Michael Derosier, Dave Weckl, Kenny Aronoff, Virgil Donati, Teddy Campbell, David Garibaldi and Tommy Igoe. A rock and roll drummer at heart, Rock incorporates into his playing style his love of Jazz Fusion, Funk, Blues and Country as well.  Rock has toured extensively throughout the US in both cover and original bands. 

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